Brockles Quay

'A very special place'
An oasis of peace in a secluded backwater where time seems to stand still
Situated about 3 miles up river from Fowey, Brockles Quay lies on the east bank of the river Lerryn almost opposite the Fowey/Lerryn River junction Brockles Quay seen from the river - click on the image to see a close up of the house
View of the river from the path down to Brockles Quay With immediate frontage on to the riverbank, surrounded by a hillside of ancient woodland, Brockles Quay offers real privacy and seclusion.

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There is a private quay and steps to the foreshore, access by water is available within a wide tidal window.

Brockles Quay is reached by land through a woodland footpath, about 350 - 400 yards from the car parking area and drive.

Steps lead down from the front of Brockles Quay to the foreshore and access by water is available within a wide tidal window
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